Tombstone Territorial Park Visitor Centre

New Building Modelling.  EnerSys works with design teams to help them cost effectively optimize energy savings and operational carbon reductions in new commercial and multi-unit residential buildings.  Our unique approach allows us to provide live modelling and life-cycle economic analysis within a team workshop setting to rapidly explore the implications of different design strategies.  We have spearheaded the modelling on more than 200 integrated design projects, with services including:

  • Energy Performance Workshops to help optimize the building’s energy efficiency in a cost-effective manner during the design stages
  • Net zero energy/carbon analysis
  • Code compliance assessment (e.g., ASHRAE, NECB, BC Step Code)
  • Evaluation for energy incentive programs offered through utilities and government agencies
  • Energy modelling for various LEED offerings

Existing Building Modelling.  Existing buildings have many opportunities for saving energy and costs.  EnerSys provides building audit and modelling services to help identify cost-effective opportunities for energy and greenhouse gas reductions.  We also have modelling expertise to verify compliance with various energy codes.

Studies and Code Assessment.  EnerSys evaluates utility and government programs that focus on saving energy.  Using our tools and methodology, we help inform decision makers about the implications of energy codes and programs.  EnerSys has performed numerous studies and energy code assessments for clients such as Natural Resources Canada, BC Hydro, Province of British Columbia, the City of Vancouver, and the Canadian Green Building Council. 

Custom Software.  EnerSys develops custom software to help evaluate building energy use and manage data, including:

  • Energy Profile Tool: a benchmarking analysis tool available as an annual subscription or as a branded, customize product
  • Screening Tool for New Building Design: quickly estimates the energy performance of a building design relative to Canada’s Model National Energy Code for Buildings
  • Data visualization spreadsheet tools and applications